Are You A Scam?

No!  Here’s the definition of a Scam - n., v. scammed, scam•ming. n.a fraudulent scheme; swindle. v.t. 2. to cheat; defraud. ex. “They promised me a job if I paid for their certification, but they gave me a list of job posting that I could have found myself!” Of the truth, According to Cal/OSHA Requirements and the General Industry Safety Order 3668, everyone who want a job as a Forklift Operator need to to be trained in safe operation of Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts), and Insurance Companies and Making Employers do this. We don’t promise jobs here, we provide a service for employers to need for their current and potential employees to comply with these mandates. We don’t need to scheme to earn your business or the business of employers who use our services. We believe that Truth is the best policy. “CRAIGSLIST HAS A LOT OF THE THESE SCAMMERS”. The new scam now is that they’ll say they work direct with the company or HR to further fool you. If they mention that, ask them if they are actually hiring or an actual employer. If they refuse to answer your question, THAT”S A SCAM!

Do we need to make an appointment for the class?

No.  It’s an open class. Unlike our competitors, we revolve around your schedule. We do request that you do come before 3:00pm to receive to full training

How long is the training and certification process?

The training and certification process takes a maximum time of 2 hours. This includes Safety Training, which is at a set time. Safety Training is taking an exam that helps you to conduct yourself safely and professionally on a forklift. Then, you`ll be taken to another area where you`ll receive the actual hands-on training on the actual forklift, such as a Sit Down, Stand Up/Reach, Pallet Jacks, and/or Cherry Picker, which we have on site. During hands-on training, you will be guided by a qualified Forklift Trainer, who will be with you, to ensure proper handling of the forklift. Unlike our competitors, who`ll give you the keys, throw you on the forklift, and cross their fingers hoping you don`t crash or allow another trainee to help you in your training, We, as forklift trainers, will be by your side helping you to achieve true confidence in operating a forklift. (Passed trainees and companies who have been to our competitors can attest to this.)

Are you an actual job, agency or school?

No. We a training center for small companies and agencies who use our services to certify and/or validate their employees. These same companies also extend job opportunities to our clients and do hire potential candidates, who meet their employment requirements, who have been certified through our facility, looking for employment.

Are you CAL/OSHA Certified?

No. The Occupational Health and Safety Act is a mandate, which the State of California has established for employers to insure that workers who work or operate machinery, do so safely. The Misconception of the Forklift Certification is that operators who get certified think or have been told that they are certified by the State of California. The State Of California does not certify or give any sort of license for operating forklifts or machinery. At our facility, we train according to the CAL/OSHA Requirements, which is found in the General Industrial Safety Order 3668. (If any Forklift Company tells you they are CAL/OSHA Certified, They are not and stating that is dishonest!).

Are these jobs guaranteed?

There are no such thing as guaranteed employment. Having a forklift license is just one of the tools to help in landing employment. Every person’s success all depends on what experience they have. Requirements such as the capability to pass a drug test or screen, background check, verifiable employment, a good strong resume, and strong interview skills. We help with job assistance to show you what jobs are hiring and the best job for you. Employers go by qualifications, not by how many certifications you purchased from a forklift school. That is why our competitors have been deemed a SCAM! So, if you call one of these places and they say “We Have Jobs”, ask if they are an actual employer or staffing/employment agency. If they say no, they`re not contracted or commissioned to certify by these employers.

What is the percentage rate of people getting hired with your certification?

As of the previous point, everyone’s success is dependent on themselves. Other Forklift Certification Companies use percentages as a marketing tool to lure you. Don`t be fooled by that.

What makes you different from the other forklift companies?

Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism. We here at AAA Forklift strive on these things. While others will guarantee you employment over the phone, we will help you find the employers that have current positions available where you can apply. We don`t use dishonest luring tactics such as percentages and big name dropping. Small companies and Local Staffing Agencies have been using our services to train and /or to validate (or prove) their employees. These companies and agencies have seen and experienced our training and service to them, which makes us trusted and recommendable. (We are NOT ENDORSED by any company or agency, neither do we endorse any company or agency).

Do you provide assistance after certification?

Yes. We do provide additional job and forklift training assistance. Since we do work with a variety of employers and organizations, we do get job leads directly from them. We also encourage you to come in for additional forklift training to stay current with your forklift experience.

How about assistance for Felons?

Yes we also help in providing assistance for those with a troubled past. There are Felon-Friendly Employers out there that we can direct them too. We work with Probation and Parole Officer who help us with references and resources to help in finding Felon-Friendly Employment.