Employers, Staffing Recruiters, and Human Resource Managers,

Are you looking for a quality Forklift Training for your employees? Are tired of having forklift operators creating property damage or injury? Most “So-Called” places that claim to do forklift training, do anything but train on a forklift. Here at AAA Forklift, we actually train and evaluate it’s trainees. We do have all the forklifts on-site, we do ensure that no shortcuts are made during the training process.  We do go the extra mile because we ourselves were Forklift Operators and Job Seekers. We believe that the success of every Forklift Operator depends on how safe and efficient they can be.

We provide training on all Warehouse Forklifts like the Sit-Down, Stand-Up, Reach, Pacer, Cherry Picker, Electric Walker/Rider Pallet, Clamp, Turret, and Push/Pull (Slipsheet). We also provide Heavy Equipment Lift such as Boom Lifts (Basket Type or Reach Types such as Grandalls, Skylifts, and Petty Bones), Scissor Lifts, etc.,. We also go to your location to conduct training on your specific Forklift(s).

If you are an Employers, Staffing Recruiters, and Human Resource Managers in the San Bernardino and Riverside area,We are your one stop source for training and evaluation for your potential employees. We are a trusted partners with many others, who use our services. We also have programs and incentives for using our services such as Job Fairs.

We are here to serve you. If you would like more information about our company, a welcome packet, or you need forklift training for your employees, Please contact us at [email protected] or Call (951) 200-4272 x3.

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