In 1998, The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established guidelines in forklift operation due to studies and reports of forklift-related accidents. Hence, the necessity of Forklift Certification was evident. Since then, places to obtain a Forklift Certification began to exist. They provided opportunities to obtain a forklift certification, but failed to correct and/or evaluate a person's proficiency on a forklift.

In 2008, Joe Rojas (AAA Forklift Head Trainer) set out to change the Forklift Training and Certification Industry. With his forklift experience since 2000, Joe has taken the errors and the confusion of forklift operation and made sense of it. His approach comes from a teaching perspective, which allows the potential and experienced operators to better understand and safely a forklift.

The Forklift Trainers at AAA Forklift are actual forklift operators with "Real World Experience" and the Teaching Philosophy to help forklift operators become safer and more proficient. This type of Forklift training is an advantage for both Job Seekers, Experienced Forklift Operators, and Employers alike. If you are an employer looking for the best forklift training for your employees? Look no further than AAA Forklift

Since 2007, We have collaborated with companies and Employment/Staffing Angencies to provide the best forklift training. This collaboration and our "Real World Experience" Forklift Trainers have made us the "Go To Forklift Training Facility"! Our forklift training provide actual hands-on experience with the actual forklifts that are on-ste. Our training includes testing lectures of forklift safety, safety video, testing (exam), hands-on trainng on the actual forklifts, and performance evaluation. The training course is approximately 2 hours in duration.


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The powered industrial truck, commonly referred to as the forklift, is an essential piece of equipment in factories and plants. As important and productive as forklifts are, they also can be dangerous if not properly used. Of the 998,671 trucks in use in our country, it is estimated that there will be 1.4 accidents per vehicle over each vehicle’s eight year average lifetime.
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